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CDS (Civil Design and Survey)


Latest: We now have an option to take a 'lite' version of your job into the field on your Android device.

Click on the link to go to Android Play Store to download. cdsviewer on Android

Survey and Cogo:

Intelligent 2D & 3D Coordinate Geometry calculations to improve your design efficiency. It's Versatility will assist you with Title Surveys, Subdivision Design or Construction Site Design & Layout.



Terrain Modeling with Contours and Volumes. Interpolate Sections across any Model. Shade models by height and slope. 'Blend' models to create 'as-built' model simply.



Design Roads. whether rural, urban, or highways using either section templates or design strings. Also used for other regular structures such as airfields, channels, conveyors, railways etc.



Designed for the farmer or land contractor. Ezigrade offers a simple and effective solution for Agricultural Land Grading and Land levelling.

Calculate a best fit single plane design or best fit multi-plane design.
Alternatively you can calculate a land levelling solution by entering minimum amd maximum row and cross slope constraints. Optionally enter minimum or maximum field RL's. The surface produced can result in much lower volumes than a planar solution. Optionally smooth the surface produced. This can be done as part of a multi-section design.

Leverage CDS and create drains, ring dams, farm roads etc on the graded surface just created.

Civil Designs to Trimble Field Level II (Multiplane) Format

Let us transform your Civil Design (in DWG or LandXML) into Field Level II Format.

Price is $200. Pay after your design is tested. Click above to get lodgement instructions.

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Borehole logging just got a whole lot easier - simplified entry using your own templates means you get finished sooner, and Graphic Logs displayed as you go removes the errors.

Prolog comes supplied with a number of predefined templates. It also includes a template for the new Australian CoalLOg standard. Ensure your data is consistent with what the major Geological databases require.



Designed for the field - with an inbuilt interface to GPS, Total Stations & Digital Levels, Ezifield brings your desktop jobs into the field on WindowsCE based pocket computers. Avoid costly mistakes - see exactly what you collect as you collect it.



A CAD program designed to help design Pile layouts for buildings

Once designed - survey the actual placements. Ezipile shows graphically on the screen any out of tolerance piles. Produce a written report.

Uses Ezicad as the CAD base.