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Ezigrade is designed for farmers and land/survey contractors to easily design Land Grading and Land Forming solutions.

Land Grading is where you fit a plane of best fit to the surface. This is typically used for irrigation solutions. Ezigrade allows you to design multiple fields. Research has shown yield improvements of up to 15%; and Ezigrade helps you achieve the suitable grades with a minimum of effort.

Land Forming is where you grade and optionally smooth the surface to achieve a drainage solution. You typically constrain grades both along main and cross slopes, to remove ponding and achieve erosion control. Typically the amount of dirt to be removed is reduced. Reducing the cost. This is particularly advantageous in dryland situations.

Ezigrade is versatile and you can design many different scenarios:

Ezigrade is compatible with a number of different agricultural systems and civil engineering software. Some typically supported systems are:

If you are designing for Trimble Field Level system we have a free viewer that allows you or the earth moving contractor to display the design before loading on the tractor. Users of other design software can use this as well for no charge. Please go to Field Level File Browser.

Please click on the following link to view some typical design's. Ezigrade Gallery

Please click on the following link to view a case study of a multiplane type design. Multiplane Type Design.

I suggest you view some of our video's that show you how to create some typical designs.

Simple least squares plane design. Typically used for irrigation.

Simple design where we specify some grade constraints and then smooth the surface. Typically used in dryland situations where drainage is a problem.

Design where we need to split the field into two sections. The grade constraints are then defined for each section. Smoothing is then applied.

Design in two sections; with an included surface drain.

Design using plane sections joined together using hinge's.

Showing a design exported to Google Earth for a visual data check.

Process to convert appropriate DWG file to a Trimble Control Block compatible with Field Level 2 System.

Background to Ezigrade

Ezigrade allow's the design of both “Planes of Best Fit” as well as “Smooth Surfaces of Best Fit” when designing agricultural "land grading" / "land forming" solutions.

Traditionally surfaces where designed using a least squares plane of best fit. The main factor for this was that the only practical method for enacting the design was using rotating laser technology. Planes of best fit are a good solution for relatively small area's but volumes can blow out when designing larger area's. To overcome this multiple fields can be designed in the same job. However it is important that the fields are designed so that the sections are melded together as closely as possible. This is not a trivial exercise.

The design below is from a previous version of Ezigrade where a designer split the field up into 53 seperate planes to achieve an “acceptable design”.

You will notice some of the contours jump at the section edges. It being almost impossible for a designer to match this many sections; as well as taking an inordinate amount of time to design.

Ezigrade also allows the non-irrigated design of fields. When land forming for surface drainage, the slope does not need to be made uniform, as for irrigation; a non-uniform slope will suffice. In this method the designer specifies the minimum and maximum grades along both main flow and also cross flow grades. Normally after doing the initial land forming design then land smoothing is performed. Ezigrade performs these operations using linear programming to achieve a final solution. Below is an example of a non-irrigated solution.

The smooth design has cut/fill values of 25% less than the multiple plane example. Further the smoothing can be increased to give a smoother design if required at the expense of increased earthworks volumes. <

Ezigrade also allows the design of fields where all we require is the water to drain to the edge of the job. This is a subject of it's own used by GIS practioners to identify and map drainage lines on a digital terrain model. For more details on our design methodoly please refer to our online manual.

Survey Simplified

Collect the field elevations using the method that suits you best.
Ezigrade will work with elevations on a grid, or random elevations if you prefer to work that way.
Your field survey data can be collected directly from your onboard system whether it is LevelGuide, Trimble or Topcon etc or alternatively you can pick up data directly from appropriate GPS units onto your notebook or tablet computer.
Alternatively the data can be recorded manually, or you can record it as you survey using a low cost Handheld PC like the Compaq Ipaq, or similar units. I would also note that low cost Lidar data from UAV is approaching the accuracy required. The data is then imported into Ezigrade and the field is shown automatically.

Section Design made Easy

Ezigrade will handle a single design or alternatively the Field can be easily designed as a number of sections.
Use the calculated contours or 3D views in CDS to help sketch in a rough placement for the field sections. To modify a section delect the field corner and move it interactively. All the connected sections are moved as well.

Best Fit with one Button

Specify the cut/fill compaction ratio to suit the soil properties for each section. With the press of one button, Ezigrade will apply the latest software techniques to determine either the plane of best fit or constrained grade surface of best fit for each defined field section. Optionally apply least squares smoothing to your constrained grade surface. This design will minimize the amount of dirt to need to move in the field. Cut/Fill quantities and proposed elevations are automatically calculated and displayed along with the slopes of the plane.

Map and Report

Ezigrade will produce a single Cut Sheet Report with the press of a single button. You can specify the colors you prefer to indicate cat and fill area's.

Easy Set Out and Grading

Ezigrade will report the distance from your current GPS height to the design height while you drive around in real time. Ezigrade will also allow you to setout to a point or line via GPS.

Automated solution. Ezigrade works with a number of in-tractor systems; such as LevelGuide, Trimble Field Level 11, Topcon Civil etc.

Some Sample Jobs

Job showing smooth surface. User has set a main grade and cross-falls.

Same job. User has decided to lift the bottom edge of the design. You will notice Ezigrade automatically calculates a plane at the bottom. This is the quickest way to join up to natural surface and minimize earth movement.