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This is the design of typical rice paddies Australian style. It consists of a number of flat beds placed next to each other. As each bed is flat there are no contours within the bed. However you will notice the contours running along the bank's between rice beds.

In this design we have split a field into three sections. The three sections are all planes and they are hinged together.

In this design we have shaped the top of the job as a smooth surface (grade constrained) and in other sections we have designed as least squares planes. The whole thing is smoothed between the least squares plane and the grade constrained (smooth) section.

In this design we have a job called which contains lots of indents; commonly called Melon Holes. The design shown grades the water which ever way as long as the water drains to the edge and doesn't pond.

In this design we have a pivot irrigation job. This is a furrowed job and the furrows run in concentric rings around the pivot point. There is often a access road which we can use as either high point or tail drain in the design.