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Our Mission

Our mission is to design, produce, distribute and support PC based software which will improve the operational efficiency of our target clients which currently comprise Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Construction Contractors and Exploration Geologists.

Our Location

Unit 12/50 Clyde St
Hamilton North NSW 2292
Australia Phone: (02) 84157114

Our Background

We were originally established as a member of the Saddington's Group of Companies established in 1925.

Foresight Software was established in 1981, and have been listening to and responding to the needs of the civil engineering, surveying and construction industries ever since.

The programs were originally developed in the then fledgling CPM environment, but soon were re-written to move with the strength of MSDOS as it came to dominate the PC World.

During 1997 and 1998 the programs have again been completely re-written, this time to take advantage of the Windows , and particularly the Win95/98 and Windows NT 32 bit capabilities.

In 2003 an employee buyout resulted in a name change to Foresoft Pty Ltd. Mainly to make it easier for our clients to remember our web site address.

The programs are still under development to keep pace with any new developments.

The CDS suite of programs have been designed in a modular format to allow you to start out with a combination which suits your current workload, and bank balance, and then gives you the potential to add additional capacity as your work changes or your bank balance becomes more robust.

We understand that you are not an expert typist, nor a computer expert, so we have designed the programs to make them as simple to use as we possibly can.

All programs use simple pull-down menus, and the menus have been designed to make it easy for you to get the results you need, even if you don't use the program regularly.