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This is an actual grading example from El Centro California. This area lies below sea level and is typically flat. Many of the fields in this area have been previously graded. They are also irrigated. Any design for this area would be a plane or a multiple plane solution. The design was by Mark Dessert and graded using an AMW system hauling a Toomey bucket.

We have been given the example above. Water drains from the right hand edge of the job to the left and from bottom to top. Once job is designed we wish to flood irrigate the field from the bottom right. The idea is that water will drain equally over the field. We initially need the water to quickly flow west and progressively slow down as we head west across the paddock. The design grades are:

We wish the sections to join along the intersections. We have set these lines to hinge lines, when creating the design.

The picture above shows the design contours after we have run the grading routine. The design contours show the progressively smaller grades when running west and the constant grade north.

Photo's when flood irrigating the designed and graded field

Change of grade from 0.148 to 0.095

Change of grade from 0.095 to 0.050

Water arriving at lower end of bay in 0.05 zone. Water starts to follow compound slope line a bit. Once it hits cross border builds a bit of depth and backs up and covers bay.

Water going down first large bay. We could actually see a deeper water depth from 0.035 cross slope on right side of bay.

Water setting against bottom cross border. Very good grade control for a 0.05 slope. Design gave irrigator ability to run water well and not waste 1 cup full of water.