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Ezifield for Hand Held GPS

Ezifield gives you the ability to code your data as you collect the data in the field from your low cost GPS

While low cost GPS are rapidly improving in accuracy and dropping in price they still have a couple of shortcomings in the area of data collection:

  • there is no facility to code the points as they are picked up.

  • they still leave you “Working in the dark”, because you can’t see the job until you get the data back to the office.

These shortcomings arise from the fact that the data collection procedure was designed to fit with what the machine could do, not what you needed to do.

Ezifield will overcome both of these shortcomings and allow you to code with ease, and see the job as it progresses.

One Picture is Worth a Million Numbers

The quickest way to verify if you are collecting enough data, or the right data is to look at the picture.

No matter what shape the job might be, you can arrange the windows to make sure you see the data as it is captured, while always having a full view of the job.

Zoom and Pan facilities are provided to allow you to see greater detail in areas of interest.

No more traveling back to the base camp or the office to find you haven’t picked up all the data points that you need.

No more stumbling around aimlessly in the shrubbery because you didn’t have a clear picture of where you need to set out the point.

GPS Interface

Ezifield interfaces directly to GPS instruments produced by;

The measurement and recording is initiated directly from the Handheld.

The measured values are displayed for verification before coding and storing, and the point is displayed on the graphic screen immediately it is stored.

Coding Made Easy

Code the point by picking from the list or typing on the keyboard, or combine both – the choice is yours.

Ezifield allows you to create your own Code Lists, in English or any other language you choose, and easily apply those codes to the point by one touch of the pen.

To improve your speed in the field, you can group the codes in the order you choose to ensure that those most commonly used are always displayed.

In addition, new or different codes can be entered individually using the virtual keyboard. of your Palm Top PC.

When you need to work for different clients, who each want their own particular codes used, the Code Libraries can save you time and effort and needless mistakes.

Common Windows Interface

Ezifield uses the same menu system as CDS on your desktop, which means there is no learning, involved.

Whether on the Desktop, or Windows Mobile the screens you see are the same.

Calculations on Call

The most commonly used calculations are included so you can check as you go with routines for

Model as You Measure

Ezifield allows you to form the triangulated model and the contours at your selected interval, so you can see whether the model ‘looks right’ as the job progresses.

A quick look at the contours will let you decide whether you have enough coverage of the area, so you can move on with confidence.

Simple Data Transfer

Using the ‘synchronization’ facility supplied with the handheld PC the job can be automatically transferred to or from your desktop computer.

No more cryptic commands to worry about, simply plug your Palm PC into the desktop and watch the data transfer , both ways if necessary.

Once the data is on your desktop PC; use it directly in CDS. Export your pick ups into Autocad; or export to your favorite land surveying or GIS package.