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Symbol Creation in CDS
Information on how to use symbols in your CDS job are shown in tutorial 2A. It would be worthwhile to review this tutorial at this time. Some of the information below is repeated from tutorial 2A.
Any drawing that is stored in a (Acad) dwg can be used as a symbol within CDS (At present 2002 versions and earlier of dwg please). Please note that CDS also supports Windows Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF) and Windows Metafiles (*.wmf). However these were in an earlier legacy version and are no longer recommended or supported.
How to create a symbol
Obviously any program that can create a dwg file can create a symbol for CDS. Symbols are created at world size in the dwg file. ie If you want a circle symbol create a circle with a diameter of 1. (Assume 1 meter for metric or 1 foot for imperial) The insertion point is taken as the point 0.0,0.0
As CDS can create a dwg file we can use it to create a new symbol. For the example below we are going to create a simple symbol which consists of a square containing a cross. For a simple example like this it is relatively easy to inset the 4 corner points using the "point" and then "add" command. Click on the screen and enter in the respective coordinates. For example the upper left point will have coordinates (-0.5,-0.5) and bottom right will have (0.5,0.5). Add in the appropriate strings. Before exporting make sure that you dont export the points - we only want the strings. Then in CDS simply export the dwg. We have called it "box.dwg". Make sure it makes it's way to the CDS\Symbols directory.
Registering the symbol with CDS
The CDS program needs to be aware that this symbol is now available. Under the Entry menu select "Symbols - Symbol Library" option and click on the add symbol button. Select the symbol we have just defined box.dwg and the symbol is now available; together with the existing ones.