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Traverse adjustment using angles
Important: please read the tutorial Entering & Adjusting & Traverse before reading this tutorial. In contains some additional background information which is important.
In this tutorial we show you how to enter in a traverse using angles. We first need to access the traverse entry screen. Use your mouse to select Entry from the options menu, and then select Traverse Network. Since this is a new traverse select the New option, and then maximize the screen.
In this contrived example we are carrying out a closed traverse around a diamond shaped figure. Assume the first point (1) on the diamond has an easting coordinate of 1000.0 and a northing component of 1000.000  On the next line we need to tell the program that we have set our total station on point 1. Entering a backsight number of 0 ensures that the first shot will be a real bearing. 
The next line is the traverse loop definition. As described in the previous traverse example the traverse definition is tr 1,2,3,4,1
The next line is a field note which tells us that the entries are in fact angles. The angle swing is by default measured in a clockwise direction from the last leg. In this example the defined traverse has been picked up in a clockwise direction. This means that the default angle would result in the external angle being measured. This is not a problem. In this example however we have picked up the internal angles and have measured the angles in a counter clockwise direction. To account for this there is a special field note that can be entered which simply say's anticlockwise. 
A sketch of our data is shown below
The data as entered into the traverse file is seen below. Please take note that the closing shot back to point 2 the second time around has been entered as a special "Close" case.
To calculate the angular misclose press the "Re" button. A misclose value of 1 degree will be shown. Pressing the "A" icon will distribute this misclose equally around the traverse. In this case the 89 degree angle is replaced with 89~15' and the 90 degree angle is replaced with 90~15'.
You may now perform bowditch, linear misclose as before.