Ezigrade (version 2)

3D Views

3D views allows you to visualize the job. We normally suggest that you get comfortable viewing the triangles with height shading or just contours.
The normal procedure is to use the mouse. Left click down and move. This rotates the view position. The job will appear to rotate in the opposite direction. Using the wheel mouse moves the view position in and out.
If you do a right click with the mouse then the following menu item will appear.
View Position:
This gives you finer control over where you are situated in space and the position you are looking at. Normally people use the mouse to do this interactively.
What is useful here is the vertical exaggeration. As most grading bloacks are relatively flat and featureless; then this is very important. In the screen shot above we have used a vertical exaggeration of 50. Change this value iteratively until you get the value you are after.
Surface1, Surface2 and Surface3
The 3D view defaults to displaying the view that was currently displayed. Clicking one of these options is a quick way of changing to a design or difference (cut/fill) view. Though cut/fill view would normally be a bit useless.
Show job as triangle edges.
Show job as a colored face. However you normally end up as solid blob of color.
Once you have the face shown we suggest to place a texture upon it. The texture is any bitmap file (.bmp) that you have. You can for example take a picture of a typical soil sample from your area and using this. Alternatively download a random shot from google earth. Any bitmap will do.
Overlayed bitmap:
This will display an overlayed bitmap. It needs to be setup first within CDS. We suggest you do this from CDS.
Flight Path Table etc
Please do these functions within CDS. These routines enable you to set a path along which we take 3d views and convert this into a movie. It is probably better suited to corridoor type designs such as road alignments.
Create Bitmap Output
This gives you the option to create a bitmap which you can use in "Paint" type programs. Alternatively you can do a screen capture using the "alt printscreen" keyboard combination.
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