Ezigrade (version 2)
Ezigrade is a standalone program that simplifies the design of graded fields. The field can be graded as a plane, a surface with constrained grades or a design where the water runs to the edge. Ezigrade also contains a smoothing algorithm which allows these different types of designs to be melded together.
Ezigrade also contains surface drainage routines to allow the design of water channels, canals, ring tanks etc. These routines are visual in nature.
The data can be picked up randomly or in a grid pattern. The Ezigrade field can be split up into user defined sections if necessary. Designing smooth surfaces cuts down on the number of sections that need to be defined. There is no upper limit to the number of sections that Ezigrade can support.
The software is constantly being upgraded and updated. We appreciate any constructive criticism. If you have idea's for extra features please let us know.
The following steps are involved in processing and designing a graded section/sections.
  1. Obtaining data in a digital form suitable for Ezigrade
  2. Checking data is correct
  3. Designing horizontal plan of fields
  4. Design of a grid for reports etc
  5. Decide whether to do a smoothed plane solution or a plane of best fit for each section of the job.
6.  Correct area's outside slope tolerances.
7.  or Calculate plane of best fit.
8.  Checking and adjustment of results and fiddling if necessary.
9.  Creation of reports.
10. Export data in a suitable format.

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