Ezigrade (version 2)

File Menu

Opens up a new job. It will be empty. You can import data into the job.
Opens up an existing job. This job can be created in CDS as well.
Save existing job and continue working.
Save As:
Save existing job with a new name and continue working.
Plot View Parameters:
These parameters can be set if you wish to print out job in a similar format to that displayed upon the screen.
Print out the job using the parameters displayed above
Print Preview:
Display representation of what is printed out on the screen.
Elevation Plot Setup:
This brings up a dialog where you can set the colour to be used for cut/fill printout.
You can then run "Elevation Plot preview" and "Elevation Plot"
Section Elevation Plot Setup
similar to Elevation Plot Setup except this is specific to the current section.
Gridded height preview and plot:
Display cut/fill for each cell in the defined grid.
This brings up a dialog that allows you to import a number of pre-defined formats. I would also note that there are further import options available using the CDS program. Ezigrade can open directly data fropm CDS.
These routines are described in detail under the Initial Screen option and File Open. Please click on the link below to access the appropriate section.
  1. AMW sbg
  2. Optisurface agd
Options that allow you to connect directly to any GPS unit that supports NMEA protocol.
Option to connect directly to LevelGuide GPS pickup. This option is deprecated and we suggest you pickup in LevelGuide directly and then import it into Ezigrade.
MRU Files:
These are the last 4 jobs that have been opened.
Store grid points into database:
This stores the individual points making up the user defined grid into the database. You need to have defined a grid first. You can then view these points in CDS or CDSViewer on your android if you wish to setout these points.
Export Agguide Ascii File:
This creates a file that can be used in the level-guide tractor interface to grade your field.
Export Agguide Ascii Multi-Surfaces:
Only use this option if the design consists of a number of discrete surfaces that don't overlap.
Export to Google Earth:
Export your design to google earth. Always good for a check that coordinates are correct.
Seen below is a sample design showing cut and fills overlayed upon Google Earth.
This creates a file compatible with a Trimble Field Level 11 setup. Click on the link above to see more.

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