Ezigrade (version 2)

Initial Screen

When we first start Ezigrade we are presented with a minimal screen which only contains a small number of options. These are options that are only relevant before we open up an existing or create a new job.
There are 3 main menu items.

File Menu:


New Item:

This prompts you for a folder and a file name. The empty "Ezigrade" job is created. In the example below we wish to create a job called "myfirstjob" and place it in the "c:\data" folder that is an existing folder on this computer. There are a couple of extra fields that are optional. These may help when browsing five year old jobs and wondering who the client was, the location etc .
Normally I don't bother but it may be worthwhile for your business.

Open Item:

Click on this item if you wish to open an existing ezigrade job with a "cdsdat" extension. You need to browse to the appropriate folder and click on the appropriate Ezigrade "cdsdat" file.
Ezigrade also allows you to import directly some different file formats that are relevant to Ezigrade. If you click on the "Files of Type" combo box you will see a number of different file formats:
The different formats directly supported by Ezigrade are:

MRU jobs.

These are the last 4 jobs opened. You simply need to click on of these directly and the last file used is opened. If you have just downloaded the trial version; we have pre-filled the list with some of our sample jobs.

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