Ezigrade (version 2)

Plane and Smooth Surface Together

We are using the same data as before. We have created the sections for you etc and have entered the data in the job grading1_3sections.
In this design we wish to split the field into 3 sections.
Section1 lies along the top of the job. In this section we wish to lead the water onto the rest of the job and the best way is a smooth surface. Thus for section1 make sure the "LS Plane" tick box is ticked.
Section2 contains the majority of the job as before. We are happy with a reasonably smooth solution.
Section3 leads to the tail ditch and we prefer this section to be a flat plane as well.
If you need help on how to enter sections etc please click on the link below for a video of the procedure. Click Here.
To run simply click on the Grading - Smooth Grading menu item.
From contour menu - select surface2 design and reform the contours. The following screen shot is displayed.
As expected the head and tail ditch area's are now planes and the guts of the job is a smooth design.

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