Ezigrade (version 2)

Smooth Surface of Best Fit

This example uses the data "grading1.cdsdat". Look in the "My Documents/Ezigrade" folder. You should have previously saved this with a least squares plane solution.
Open the job as before and untick the "LS Plane" tick box so that we create a smoothed surface. It should open the job with the design surface that we previously created.
In this example simply untick the "LS Plane" tick box.
For this job we will only worry about grading along the y axis. The water flows from the top of the job to the bottom. To gain an idea of the grades in the job click on the Grading  -  Calc Section Grades to report on min,max and least squares grades in the job.
In this example we will wish to set a minimum grade of 0.03 percent. Tick the minY box and add in a value of 0.03.
This is important - make sure you click on the Apply button to make the value stick.
Now click on Grading - Smooth Grading. Make sure a design surface is displayed and recalc the contours. We get the following screen shot.
This design will eliminate water pooling. One could complain that grades at the top of the job are too steep and the whole job could be graded to tidy things up.
Go back into the job and set a maximum grade of 0.9% and do some post grading smoothing.
We get the following design:
The volumes have gone up as expected but field is looking better.
Redoing and increasing the smoothing we get the following, which is a visually more pleasing result. Modify the parameters to create the design you are after.
Summarizing some of the results have been:
Cut Volume
Fill Volume
0.03% min
.03% to 0.9% smoothing
.03% to 0.9% greater smoothing
plane solution

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