Ezigrade (version 2)

View Menu

The View menu groups together those functions that affect how the job is displayed.


Contains the sub-items to either "Zoom Extents" or "Zoom Window". You can also click on the appropriate icon's to do the same. We normally suggest users use a wheel mouse. Middle wheel zooms in and out. Clicking middle button - holding down and then dragging moves the display around the screen.
The following section enables the display of particular attributes associated with a point. Only one attribute at a time can be displayed. There are also options to display the background triangles as well as contour.  Triangles are generated as a way of digitally representing the ground data. They enable subsequent calculation of contours and are used in volume calculations.

Field - Edge Heights:

This attribute displays the height at the corner of a section. It is commonly enabled when doing multi-plane designs. In this case the idea is to match the design heights at the section corners. This results in nice crisp matching joins between sections. When matching sections such as this you often set the grades of the plane sections so that heights vary predictably when moving section joins.

Grid - Cut Fill Volumes

Enables the display of volumes inside each grid cell. Gives designers an idea of earth movement. It is a legacy function from the early days of land-grading. An alternative method is to create a difference surface and do a coloured plot which also shows the same thing with a bit more WOW factor.

Grid - Heights

Shows cut and fill heights inside each grid cell.

Meters - Feet

The database is unitless. Changing this value means all the reports etc are displayed in the appropriate units.

Toolbar and Statusbar

You have the option of hiding them if necessary. If you think this is necessary your probably better off with a larger screen.

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