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How to add in a Bench Mark

Before we explain how we do this I'll give an insight into how Ezigrade decides a point is a MB (master bench) or BM (bench mark). A "MB" is simply another point in the job. Every point in the job has a field associated with it called a "code". The code is simply a string of upto 32 characters. To define a MB we set the code of this point to MB. To define a BM we set the code to BM. Ezigrade understands that BM1, BM345 etc are also accepted as bench marks.
There are 3 ways we can set a BM or MG.


Ezigrade gives us a routine. Click on the  Tools -> Bench Mark menu item and you get the following dialog.
Set the radio button at the top to specify whether we have a BM or a MB. By default we only have one MB in a job.
If we have an existing point then we can click the bottom radio button to Existing Point and type in the Number. Simply clik OK. To get the point number under the view menu display point numbers and browse to the appropriate area. Remember it and add in the number once you run the Bench Mark dialog.
If you know the coordinates then tick the "Coordinates" radio button and type in the appropriate Northing,Easting and Height. Click OK.
At present for the Lat /Lng entry to work then the data must be in UTM WGS84. ie same as Google Earth etc. At present we dont support state plane or local coordinates. To use simply put in the lat / long and OK. You can also add in lat/lngs in degrees,minutes and seconds. For example   -23 13 45.67 can be entered as 23 degrees 13 minutes and 45.67 seconds west.


If you want to set an existing point or unmake a bench mark then we can change the code directly. Look toward the bottom left of screen and look for the "points" screen far left. Here is a screen shot of showing a job where point 1 has been set as a MB.
If for example you wanted Point 2 to be a bench mark then you could simply click into the code field of point2 and type in  BM2 for example. If you didn't want point1 to be a MB, click into the code field and delete the MB string.

Method 3

We can also use CDS. Open the job in CDS.
If we are changing an existing point then zoom up around the point to be changed and then right click on the point:
Change the Code or Delete it. For example to change this point to a BM change the code MB to BM1 for example.
To add in a new point in CDS first click on Points -> Add menu item. Everytime you click on the screen a point will be added. Go and click on the screen. Change the northings and eastings displayed. Add in a height and set the code appropriately.
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