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  • How to export an AGD file with perimeter

How to export an AGD file with perimeter

I want to create an AGD file but I need a perimeter defined.
Assume we have the following data and want an AGD file.
Then click on  Export -> AGD and you can fill in as follows:
and the agd file looks like this in wordpad:
However our client wants a perimeter displayed. At present this is not done automatically but should be done in the future. To get a perimeter we need to define a string that goes around the outside. This needs to be done in CDS (which is included with Ezigrade). So in Ezigrade click on File -> CDS and our job is opened in CDS.
In CDS display the design surface triangles:
Now click on the menu item  Contour -> Design Surface -> String edge of triangles.
and click OK. If you turn off the triangles you can see the string around the edge of the job.
This string has gone into a folder called edge2 as we used surface2. However Ezigrade wants it in a folder called "bound". So left click on the string to select it. Now click on Clipboard -> Cut and then Clipboard -> Paste. You are given the option of renaming the folder. Type in "bound"
RE-open in Ezigrade. Click on File -> Ezigrade
In Ezigrade you can now see the string. Do the Export -> AGD again and we get:
which now defines the perimeter.
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