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General Overview
Prolog is a Geological Data Acquisition Program designed to be used by Geologists and Drillers.
Prolog is PC based, and has been specifically designed to operate on notebook computers so it is easy to use in the field for direct input, validation and presentation of drill hole data.
Using Prolog, a Geologist in a Field situation with a notebook computer and a small inkjet printer can enter and check the data as the core is recovered, and can plot out Graphic Logs as well as a listing of data for presentation directly to the client.
Prolog can drill hole and detail seam graphics of lithological data at nominated scales.
It can also import and display and plot LAS geophysical logs at scale.
As well, the data can be supplied in ASCII format ready to be imported into geological modelling packages such as ECS, Mincom, Maptek, Exa-Min and Datamine.
Prolog is not designed to compete with modeling packages but rather to complement your existing modeling software by providing a portable, easy to use and cost efficient method of capturing and verifying the input data necessary.
Prolog is menu driven, and the menus and entry screens are field configurable so you can determine which menus are presented, and which prompts within any menu are available.
In addition, you have complete control over the input fields which are presented, and can change the name, or use a different language if you wish.

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Prolog version 4