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Prolog has the facilities to print directly to your windows compatible printer or plotter.
You can also create an Acad DWG file which you can manipulate directly in most popular CAD packages such as Acad or Bricscad. If you don't have a CAD package then we suggest that you download and install DraftSight. It is a free program and is more than adequate.
From the graphics menu first select the Lithology Plotting setup. Fill in the appropriate fields. There are up to 30 possible columns. To access the next group of 5 please use the Next page button. The previous page button goes back a page. Each column has one of three possible states. Either a graphic log can be plotted ; a geophysical log (LAS file) can be plotted or it can be left empty. The paper size that you select is setup using the "Change Printer" button.
If there is no windows printer set; it is suggested that a generic printer driver is loaded into the windows operating system. Once the graphic parameters have been set it is time to create your graphic log.To print or preview the log select print or preview from the File menu. To create a acad drawing select "create acad file" from the Graphics menu. If you have a CAD program already installed on your system then “create acad file” is suggested. This will create a dwg file with the data in it as defined in the plot setup. Also the default program associated with the dwg file is run. Thus if you had ACAD installed on your system; the plot file will then be displayed by it. You can now view and plot the file or edit it as you desire.
If you don’t have a CAD package then do a print from the "File" menu.
The screenshot below is shown in Ezicad. This is a generic CAD package we are presently developing inhouse. We intend to include it once we have included hatching functions. Email us if you need to obtain a copy (there is no charge). At present we still recommend DraftSight.

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Prolog version 4