Designing a Road in CDS is basically a 10 step process.

Click the links below, and a CDS Screen at each stage of the process will appear in the frame at right, 
See Road Design Tutorial for a full description of the process.

1. Define Horizontal Alignment - including Spiral Curves

2. Extract Profiles & Sections along the design alignment

3. Define Vertical Grading including Vertical Curves

4. Define Cross Section template, or templates

5. Position & Review Templates 

6. Apply Superelevation where necessary

7. Check Quantities

8. Design Iterations - repeat the  loop of steps 3 through 7 until you are satisfied with balance of cut/fill

9. Store & Model Design Points 

10. Produce Design Drawings incorporating  Plans, Profiles & Sections - including quick & easy way to put chainages along the alignment plan.