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The Flexible Borehole Logging Solution

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General Overview

ProLog is a Geological Data Acquisition Program designed to be used by Geologists and Drillers .

ProLog is PC based, and has been specifically designed to operate on notebook computers so it is easy to use in the field for direct input, validation and presentation of drill hole data.

ProLOG is designed for the Windows OS and is Windows7 compliant. The common windows interface means you can produce results instantly .

"what used to take me a week is finished in an afternoon"

ProLog, allows you, the Field Geologist, to enter and check data as the core is recovered so the problem of punching errors is virtually eliminated.

With a notebook computer and a small inkjet printer , you can plot out Graphic Logs as well as a listing of data for quick verification, and once you are satisfied, you can prepare a presentation copy for your client.

If you wish the graphic log can be produced as a dwg file for viewing in Autocad or Intellicad. 

ProLog lets you plot drill hole and detail seam section graphics of your lithological data at nominated scales.

You can also import, display and plot 'LAS' geophysical logs at scale, and you can easily position these adjacent to the lithological logs on both a printout or to a dwg file and Autocad.

ProLOG can also export the data in ASCII format ready to be imported into geological modeling packages such as ECS, Mincom, Maptek, Exa-Min and Datamine.

ProLog has a user definable Ascii output which can be used to import data into Microsoft Access or other databases.

ProLog is not designed to compete with modeling packages but rather to complement your existing modeling software by providing a portable, easy to use and cost efficient method of capturing and verifying the input data necessary.

If your data input or output format is not compatible please contact Foresoft. A custom solution may be available. Please note that this may or may not incur an additional charge. 

ProLog is menu driven, and you can configure the menus and entry screens in the field so geologists rather than programmers determine the screen layout.

You can customise the input screen to suit any particular project by easily defining which prompts within any menu are available.

ProLOG gives you complete control over the input fields which are presented, and the terminology used to describe those fields.

"it's custom made software without the custom made price tag"

No need to be tied down by complicated 'coding' designed by someone who never left the office.

You can set up your own one or two key 'codes' to associate with each of the lithology entries you will use on the project.

You can also assign an 'export code' to each of your entries which means you can still be compatible with the cryptic office based codes while minimising the keys you need to hit to get the data in.

The screen below shows work in progress with the lithology being chosen from the codes defined in the right hand window.

Single or double key selection of input descriptions provide for speedy entry of data in a consistent format, and the ability to enter general comments allows customization when the predefined fields are not enough to cope with a local situation.

Hatching patterns

To ensure that entry errors are kept to a minimum, a running graphic showing the depths and representation of the materials recovered can be displayed concurrently with the entry process.

The screen below shows the parameters which can be provided to identify the job in progress and the enhance the printed and graphic reports.

Prolog is supplied with a number of hatching patterns for common types of lithologies. Additional hatching patterns which comply with the Autocad standard may be imported ; and there are a number of commercial 'library's' available.

Flexible Plotting Options

The graphic plot can be arranged to fit on whatever paper size is available, from A4 through to A0.

Full scaling and positioning options ensure that you can easily achieve the presentation format you, or your client require.

Geophysical data can also be displayed as well as graphic hatch's.

The proposed graphic plot can be displayed on the screen for verification before time and paper are wasted, and the screen below shows the screen examination of the log included with this overview.