Latest Updates:-

These updates are for users who have either:

  1. Purchased CDS or Ezigrade in the last 12 months
  2. Have paid for ongoing support and updates in the last 12 months
  3. Make sure you are not renting the software - Rental version can be updated at any time.

To download click on the appropriate link to download and install or run.

For Malaysian customers. Please make sure you have your hardware lock/dongle plugged into the computer. This will allow the install. If your hardware lock is over 12 months old the program will not install; and you will need to pay a yearly update charge to VCAL Systems and Services in Kuala Lumpur.

For our rest of the world customers. Towards the end of the download you will be prompted for a UserName and a Password. If you don't have one the install will abort - nothing will be changed on your computer.

If you wish to pay for support and updates please contact us. It is very reasonably priced in the world of surveying / civil engineering software.

If you are eligible and don't have a user name and password yet please contact us.

Download for latest release CDS4

Download CDS3 Legacy Version.CDS3

Download CDS2 Legacy Version.CDS2 Legacy Version.

Download Latest version Ezigrade4 (Includes latest Direct2D graphics with hardware acceleration)

Download Previous V4 (old graphics) Ezigrade4