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Data & Template Storage
Data for prolog4 is stored in a single file. This file contains the logged data as well as all the title information etc. The file also contains the field headings as well as all the input, output and pre-defined data entries.
The new prolog file has a .prolog extension. Internally all the data is stored in an XML format and you can view the data in Internet Explorer. If you wish to edit the data externally to Prolog then we suggest that you download the free file XML Notepad from the Microsoft web site.
Storing the data templates with the data means that if you wish to share your data with a colleague; then all you need do is send them the one file. It will appear on there computer identically. It also means that you can have multiple templates and easily match your data to the appropriate template.
Prolog allows you to both read and save a Template into and out of a job. This is stored in a “.Template” file and is in an XML format.

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Prolog version 4