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Record & Spreadsheet Views
Prolog from version 4 onwards allows you to display the borehole data in either record mode, spreadsheet mode or if you have a large enough screen both. Record mode displays each individual entry separately. It’s advantage is that you have plenty of space to display individual fields. All the pictures so far are displaying the data in record view.
Spreadsheet view displays the data as you would find if you logged using Excel. It’s advantage is that you can display multiple log entries at once; but the size of individual entries is obviously smaller. A spreadsheet screen shot is below. The spreadsheet view can display either the input codes or the expanded value:
In this example the spreadsheet extends past the right edge of the screen. You can use the slider bar to view right hand edge. If you have a large resolution wide screen the whole spreadsheet may be viewable. You can see the arrow to the left of the data which indicates the current active line. The pop up entries are displayed automatically along the bottom in spreadsheet view to maximise the data displayed.
Prolog can also display both views at the same time. This is particularly useful for checking data etc and if you have a large resolution screen
Clicking on an entry in the spreadsheet view automatically displays the entry in the record view. This is handy for finding and then editing entries.
To change between views there are two icon buttons. The record icon changes to record mode while the spreadsheet icon changes to spreadsheet mode. You can display both views by moving the splitter grab bar. When in record mode this is found at the bottom of the view. Move it up the screen. When in a spreadsheet view the splitter bar is found at the top of the view. Grab it and drag it down.

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Prolog version 4