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CDS makes Road Design easy!

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A typical Road Design consists of the following:

Interpolate Profiles & Sections

You can interpolate profiles and sections across any surface. You may simply point on screen to indicate the location of the profile and see it calculated and displayed instantly.

Alternatively, you can use a 'string' to define the alignment of the profile required. You can also produce cross sections at specified intervals along the alignment string if required.

The interpolated Profiles and Sections can be stored in the database for use as a base for Design, or can be exported to your client for his design if that is what your brief requires.

Designing using Profiles & Templates

CDS allows you to design a wide variety of structures by a combination of;
� Vertical Design Grading on one or more Strings and 
� Design Section templates incorporating 'ezi-sense' to automatically react to changing ground conditions

3D Views & Slope Analysis
You can view your CDS model in 3D within CDS, and shade the surface to aid in recognition.

The model can also be divided into height and or slope ranges and the resulting shaded or coloured plan produced.

If you wish, the model can be exported as 3D faces to allow further enhanced rendering by other CAD and specialized rendering packages.