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Road Resumption Tutorial/White paper
This option calculates the residual lots left after a proposed road has been designed through the allotments.
The preliminary steps involved in using this facility are as follows:-
  • Enter the lots that are affected by the resumption in the LOTS folder. Lots that are not affected need not be removed.
  • Calculate and enter two strings that define the left and right edge of the road.
At present the program has the following limitations
  • the left and right edge strings must extend outside the subdivisionlimits
  • in the initial subdivision file there can be no curved boundary's. After processing the subdivision can have curved boundary's if road edges are curved.
An example
If you require some data then we suggest that you download the file "subdivision.cab" from ftp://ftp.foresoft.cab Once downloaded open up the program and proceed straight to the options menu. Browse to the "subdivision.cab" file and save into your data directory. Open up subdivision database and you will be presented with the following:-
The road alignment runs from the bottom of the screen towards the top. By inspection we can see the area's that are to be retained.We just need to get the program to calculate these new area's for us.
From the "Cogo" menu select the "Resumptions" option. You are presented with a dialog where you select or pick the left road boundary and also the right road boundray.
If for example you only wish to retain lots on left side of the easement then do not select a right boundary. 
 Clicking OK runs the option and does the following. 
  • Any strings in the "lots" folder are checked for intersections with the left and right boundary's.
  • If an intersection then a copy of the lot is broken down into the residual components and the new string is placed into the "lots" folder. If it is on left side of the easement then a new string is created were the name has _l1 added to it. If more than 1 string created then we use _l2 etc
  • A copy of the original string is placed into the "lots_backup" folder.  
After running make sure that the strings in "lots_backup" are not displayed. You will get a result as follows: