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        Exporting line types to Autocad
Getting line types defined in CDS to appear automatically in a DXF/DWG file can be achieved but does require some initial setting up. To use the default line types supplied by CDS you need to place the files acad.lin and ltypeshp.shx into the appropriate file as used by the CAD program that you are using. For more information keep reading.
The line types defined in CDS are found in the ascii file "ltype". The complete path to the file is  "c:\Program Files\Foresight Software\CDS\Variable\ltype"; assuming that it was loaded into the default directory. There are three other files which all contribute to successfully exporting the line type. They are "acad.lin", "ltypeshp.shx" and "AcadOptions.dwg". All of these files may be found in the Variable subdirectory.
The "acad.lin" file is the standard file that Autocad uses for it's line definitions. You would normally replace the file that is supplied with Autocad with the file supplied by CDS. Make sure that you havn't been adding your own line definitions in here already. You will also have to place the ltypeshp.shx file into the same directory. The ltypeshp.shx file contains a number of symbol definitions that the acad.lin file uses. The easiest way to find where the acad.lin file is to be placed is to run the Find files option under windows. Under Autocad2000 you would find it in "c:\Program Files\AUTOCAD2000\SUPPORT"; while using Intellicad you would find it at "c:\Program Files\Intellicad 98".
The line types have also been added to the file AcadOptions.dwg  When a DXF or DWG file is created the table is copied from this standard dwg file into the file being created.
    Procedure to add in your own line type
To successfully add in your own line types into CDS and to subsequently export this to Autocad do the following: