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Exporting job to HEC-RAS

For people that aren't aware; HEC-RAS is a computer program for modeling water flowing through systems of open channels and computing water surface profiles. HEC-RAS finds particular commercial application in flood plain management and flood insurance studies to evaluate floodway encroachments.
It is free software written by the US Army and is available for free download from there web site. It is probably one of the most used flood modeling software; probably because it is full function and probably more importantly being free.
Entering data into there system however is not particularly user friendly.
CDS can simplify this process. Each channel/drain/creek etc in HEC-RAS is represented via a series of cross sections and a profile. CDS allows you to define these channels. The center line is represented as a string line and doing an "interpolate profiles and sections" calculates all sections for us.
The following tutorials shows some common scenario's that allow you to leverage your data into HEC-RAS. Please be aware we do not sell or support HEC-RAS. However if there are any process's that makes it easier to get data from CDS into H.EC-RAS which we can support; then please let us know.
More tutorials to come. Let us know if you have a particular requirement you would like to be implemented.