Ezigrade (version 2)

Export Data into Agform-3D™

At present there are limited options of getting external designs into Agform-3D. Topcon has two options. You can import raw points where the text file contains finished design heights rather than natural surface data. Alternatively you can import a Topcon TN3 file which represents the new design surface. Both methods then require you within Agform-3D to create a design surface that matches the surface imported. You can use both methods with Ezigrade. We will describe in greater detail what you need to do to implement the second method.

Export data to Agform-3D™ via TN3 file

You first need to have either designed your finished surface within Ezigrade; or alternatively have imported some data into Ezigrade via LandXML, DWG etc. In this example we have a variable grade system that joins to a plane. We want to get this into Agform-3D™ so that we can use our Topcon grader.
Click on Export -> Topcon Civil. This option creates points, lines etc and including a triangle file. We need this triangle file to get our data into Agform-3D™. Clicking the menu item gives us the following dialog. When entering a "File Name" make sure we don't have any extensions. Ezigrade is going to create a number of files with different extensions. In this case Agform-3D only allows us to import the TN3 file so there is little use selecting any other options.
Once you click OK you will have a TN3 file created.
Now open up Agform-3D™. Click on the Agform Icon top left then Open -> Import TIN. Now select the TN3 file we just created and you will get something similar displayed.
Within Agform you now need to go to Home -> Design -> Matched option and accept the prompts to make a design the same as the TN3 file just imported.
Unfortunately this method won't give you any  cut/fill values as the natural and finished surface are the same. Also there appears to be no way to import string lines etc. Both of these help the operator when trying to grade the design.
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