Ezigrade (version 2)

Grid Docking Window

These values help you set a grid if necessary.
Reset: This creates a grid centered in the middle of the current view. You can then use grip points to modify as necessary.
Tick or untick "View" to display the grid.
X Origin:   X value of the lower left of grid
Y Origin:   Y value of the lower left of the grid
Bearing:   Bearing of the X axes of the grid
X Distance: length of the X axis
Y Distance: length of the Y axis
Grid Size:    size of the grid
You can modify the grid graphically as well. Do this by left clicking the mouse while having the cursor lay along one of the grid axes. A number of handles/drag points are enabled. They are highlighted as green squares. One of them is red. To change the current position of the grid click in the lower left square and while keeping the left mouse pressed; simply move the gris. It will follow the cursor. To change the extents left click in the squares at the end of the grid. To change the cell size click in either of the squares 1 cell width from the origin. To change the rotation click on red and move – grid rotates with the cursor.
It is highly likely that you would prefer even numbers for grid position, length, grid size etc. If so simply fill in the appropriate values in the grid dialog bar and press the apply key. Using a combination of these two methods should allow one to easily adjust the grid to fit.
The diagram below shows the grid once selected and the drag points. Once finished simply press the “esc” key to unselect the grid.
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