Ezigrade (version 2)

Points Docking Window

This docking pane gives you user control over individual points in the Ezigrade database.
The individual points are listed in order. By default they are in point number order. However if you left click on the East, North, Hgt or Dsn Hgt menu then the points are ordered appropriately. This allows you to easily find low points in the job etc.
If you look at the screen shot below then you can see the black line on the graphical view to the right. When the Points pane is displayed; then left clicking on an existing point then a black line is drawn and the appropriate point is highlighted on the left. You can see that point number 1485 is highlighted in a blue color.
Left clicking on a different line in points Pane will move the black line for a visual check of the point position.
You can left click on an entry in the Points Pane to highlight the line. If you then hit the "Delete" key then this point is deleted. You can select multiple points if you need to delete multiple points.
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