Ezigrade (version 2)

GPS Docking Window

Version 4 now includes a docking window when doing a GPS pickup. This makes things easier to control the pickup when running on a tablet computer. There are a number of seperate GPS docking windows. The first repeats the commands from the GPS ribbon menu item and means bigger buttons to press on a tablet.

GPS commands docking window:

Utilities: Brings up a dialog box where we can set the port and make sure communications with GPS device are happening:
Options:  This brings up a dialog where we fill in things like antenna height, alarms and whether we auto zoom and pan etc
Start/Stop:  we can either use GPS data or ignore it.
Add Point:  manually add a point to the database.
Cut/Fill:  Display current cut or fill. ie difference in GPS height to current natural surface height.
Stakeout Point: Stake out to a point docking window
Stakeout Line:  Stale out to a line docking window.

GPS pickup docking window:

These are the values returned from the GPS.
Status1: Whether GPS is stopped or running
Status2: Miscellanous error messages
Buffer:    Number of characters in the back buffer
ITC:        Time
Lat:         Latitude returned in decimal degrees
Lon:        Longitude returned in decimal degrees
East:       Easting value in UTM coordinates
North:     Northing value in UTM coordinates.
Height:    GPS height including antenna
HDOP:   Horizontal Dilution Precision
Sats:      Number of satellites used.
GPS Satellite Strengths:
Here we show the number of the satellite in use together with graph of the signal strength. We also show a color depending on the relative strength of the signal.
In this example we have the GPS pickup inside; hence all the signals are orange or red.
GPS setout to a point:
The arrow shows direction you need to travel.
Point:   point number we are staking out to.
Bearing:  bearing to point
Distance: distance to the point.
GPS Stakeout to a line:
Still under development.
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