Ezigrade (version 2)

Section design with head ditch and tail drain

This tutorial shows you how to design and create an irrigated structure which contains a head ditch and a tail drain. We also go onto show how to balance the earthworks between the three structures. To balance earthworks we want to move the field and the sill up and down while everything else stays where it is. A profile view of what we are trying to achieve is as follows:
If you look to the right we have a head ditch. We fill this with water. Water overflows over the sill and flows down the field. Excess water is collected in the TD (tail drain).
The initial step is to design the structure in plan view. Ezigrade is not really the best for engineering structures as it is based more on the designer eyeballing section edges based on contours and experience. Here we need to be more concise. However we already include CDS with your Ezigrade purchase which is designed for this. I would also note that some designers may be more comfortable designing in Acad ( or similar) or some other engineering software.
We have the following data, which is shown within CDS:
We have calculated the 5 lines that represent the right edge of the table drain, the left edge of the section, the right edge of the section, the start of the sill and the left edge of the head ditch. As mentioned above you are certainly able to design this in Acad if you are more familiar with it; and import the design into CDS.
 We are going to show two ways to approach this problem.
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