Ezigrade (version 2)

Installing Serial Port to Igrade

You can install a serial cable/port that connects Igrade to external devices. The following may help:
If you contact your John Deere agent he should be able to set you up with the external harness if you don't have one already
Here is an online forum that may or may not help.
Once you have a serial cable You need to tell the Igrade controller to send out the appropriate NMEA strings that Ezigrade can use. If you look in the Star Fire 3000 manual it shows how to set up the NMEA output. As a first try I suggest a Baud Rate of 9600 and an output rate of 1Hz. It is important that the GGA message is sent out, so make sure this is ticked. The other messages are ignored but I suggest that they are turned off.
If everything comes together then the Igrade system is outputting GGA data down the external serial cable.
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