Ezigrade (version 2)

ESRI (shp) File

The ESRI shape file is a common open format from ESRI. It can contain primitive geometric data types of points, lines, and polygons. The shapefile normally consists of a collection of files with a common filename prefix, stored in the same directory. The three mandatory files have filename extensions .shp, .shx, and .dbf. The actual shapefile relates specifically to the .shp file, but alone is incomplete for distribution as the other supporting files are required. Ezigrade normally looks for the .shp and the .dbf file if it exists. Some .shp files contain all the information necessary.
Common files
.shp — shape format; the feature geometry itself
.shx — shape index format; a positional index of the feature geometry to allow seeking forwards and backwards quickly
.dbf — attribute format; columnar attributes for each shape, in dBase IV format
Sometimes we also have a projection file .prj but Ezigrade does not handle this directly.
Running this option gives you the option to search for the appropriate *.shp file in the set. Clicking OK or double clicking imports the appropriate data.
Please be aware that the shp file contains coordinate geometry in a number of different formats. The common ones we have come across are supported. If you file is not imported successfully we suggest that you send us your data and we will get this internal format supported.
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