Ezigrade (version 2)

Smooth Surface of Best Fit

This example uses the data "grading1.cdsdat". Look in the "My Documents/Ezigrade" folder. You should have previously saved this with a least squares plane solution.
Open the job as before. It should open the job with the planar design surface that we previously created.
Change the type to "Variable". For this job we will only worry about grading along the y axis. The water flows from the top of the job to the bottom. To gain an idea of the grades in the job click on the Grading  -  Calc Section Grades to report on min,max and least squares grades in the job.Click on "MinY" and set to 0.03. Click on "MaxY" and set to 0.9. We also want to set some smoothing so click on smoothing and set a value of 25.
Now click on Grading - Triangle Based. We get the following design.
The user is encouraged to change any appropriate values and check what is designed. Tightening the constraints leads to larger volumes. Increasing the smoothing also increases earth works volumes. For example if we leave everything else as is but change the smoothing distance to 40 gives us:
Which gives us a smoother result at the expense of increased cut and fill volumes.
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