Ezigrade (version 2)
Plane of Best Fit
Once we have at least one field defined and a grid defined then we can calculate the grades for the respective fields. You calculate all the sections in one go.
If you wish to create a plane of best fit make sure that the "Plane" radio button is ticked for each section that is to have a plane of best fit iterated. If you wish to set grades along either the X or Y axis then tick the appropriate minX or minY and set a grade.
To calculate the grades click on the “Grading” menu. You have the option of doing calculation "grid" based or "triangle" based. Normally we suggest you pick the option of "grid" based. In this method the grading pre-calculates the heights based on an internal grid and bases it's calc's on this. You can increase or decrease the grid size. For large jobs start with a coarse grid and when the design is refined, use a smaller grid. The other option is the "triangle" based one. Here Ezigrade uses the exact surface definition. It can take longer particularly for larger jobs. In practice there is often little difference between the results.
 Ezigrade displays some progress messages along the lower left of the screen. Once calculations are complete the cut and fill values are displayed in the left side bar. Also once the calculations are complete Ezigrade shows the calculated cut/fill or height values for each cell. This is defined under the view menu.
In the diagram above you can observe that the contours displayed are design contours. Ie finished contours. We suggest you create a design surface and display the design contours as a check. The design contours can give you an idea of your finished design.
Iterate the Design
Once we have evaluated the design we are in a position to tweak it. You can add or move modules and hence field edges to tweak the design. You can also add in new sections or decrease the number of sections to modify your design. After any of these changes you need to explicitely run the grading option for the changes to be made.
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