Ezigrade (version 2)

Fields Docking Window

You fill in the appropriate "Design Properties" and "Design Constraints" for each section. The grading routines then use these values to create your optimised grading design.
You can add and edit the properties for each section in turn. Simply select the appropriate section number from the drop down combo box.

Design Properties:

We have the following properties:
  • Description - Fill in with a short word or sentence to describe appropriate characteristics of this section
  • Name - Give a name if necessary
  • Borrow - This is the amount of dirt either exported or imported from this section. For an import use negative number
  • Bearing - The bearing in degrees,minutes seconds of the direction of the main grade when defining grade

    Design Constraints:

     These constraints define how the grades run. If a constraint is used then make sure the constraint is shown in green. If red it is not used. You can simply click (or finger on tablet) on the appropriate heading and the constraint is turned on or off. The Type defines how the grading is to be done and has the options:
  • Plane
  • Variable
  • All Way
Setting the type modifies what constraints we can display as below:
  • For Plane -   MinX,MinY,MinRL,MaxRL,MaxCut,Smooth
  • Variable    -   MinX,MaxX,MinY,MaxY,MinRL,MaxRL,MaxCut,Smooth
  • All Way     -   MinX,MaxX,MinRL,MaxRL,MaxCut,Smooth
 The constraints have the following meanings if active and available:
  • MinX - minimum grade in X direction
  • MaxX - maximum grade in X direction
  • MinY - minimum grade in Y direction
  • MaxY - maximum grade in Y direction
  • MinRL - minimum Height in Design
  • MaxRL - maximum height in Design
  • MaxCut - maximum cut in job
  • Smooth - distance in meters or feet. Larger the distance the more neighbouring points are used in creating smooth surface

Design Results:

These values are filled in after performing grading. Changing the design constraints results in different "Design Results". Modify constraints accordingly until you are happy with the results.
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